I provide massage therapy at Zama Massage and was recently in a car accident which has affected my shoulder. I hired Paul for personal training to help me regain strength in the injured shoulder. Paul trains like no other trainer I’ve ever used. He pays very close attention to the hyper/hypo-mobility of joints as well as muscles in the body that are not firing properly. He gives very specific exercises that deal with these deficiencies and I’ve experienced amazing results with this method of training. Plus, Paul makes the training experience super fun. I would recommend Paul for anyone seeking help with wanting to get back into a workout routine that is fun and exciting for you.
-Lynn Bukowski


Paul is a natural at what he does and fitness is what it is all about in his life. He lives and breathes fitness. He is very serious about it. He is always on time, never misses appointments and is extremely reliable. I always said he was the fitness “psychic” because no matter what your level of skill was, he could tell if the exercise was pushing you. In just a few weeks he can make you progress and get stronger. His record taking is good, and his knowledge of a miriad unique exercises will surprise you…
-Jim Britt


Peak Condition is a unique, energizing gym with a truly local and personal feel.  It is a wonderful environment for working towards your challenging individual physical strength and toning goals, but also for refining your perspective and routine in order to create a robust, healthy lifestyle beyond the gym.  The owner is a fun and well-educated trainer whose motivation to help everyone enhance their lives and improve their health is apparent any time you set foot in the gym, participate in a PC activity, or join one of  their classes!
-Sara Williams